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2 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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Roll / Spin and Move

Players move their four pieces around the board from Start to Home. Lucky die rollers can make use of the shortcut spaces to speed movement. However, players can not pass their own pieces and landing on any one else's piece sends the landed-on piece back to the Base where it must start again. First player to get all four pieces Home wins.

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Total Games Played on NemeStats: 12
Total Gaming Groups With This Game 8
Average Players Per Game 4.5

Top 5 Champions Globally

Name Group Wins Plays Win %
Jefe The Council 2 4 50 %
Nick N’s Gaming Group 1 1 100 %
Lucy Welker Welker Family Gaming Group 1 1 100 %
Joanne Ludwig DnDGeeks 1 1 100 %
claylarsen claylarsen's Gaming Group 1 1 100 %

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