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Race the Wind
2 - 5 players
average 60 minutes
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Nautical Racing Sports

Race the Wind, sailing cup, is a game by Ghenos faithfully reproducing a regatta (more than 2 boats) or a match race (2 boats) without cards or dice. The race course extends on the longest side of the board, between the downwind gate, bounded by the mark and the Committee boat, and the upwind buoy. The length of the course can be changed at will by the competitors. At the beginning the wind blows from the upwind buoy (North) towards the downwind gate (South). The boats have to perform 7 electrifying starting moves, exit the downwind gate and sail 3 times upwards and 3 times downwind, moving thanks to the wind, but looking out for falls, gusts and changes of wind direction. With a precise game strategy and applying the overlap rules and wind shadows’ tactics, the best player or players (it is possible to play forming crews) will be the first to cross the finishing line and win the yearned for sailing cup. To learn to sail through its simple yet ingenious rules means to get on board, to hoist the sails and maneuver the boat as for real, experiencing a series of exciting and unforgettable challenges. The alternative name listed, Velagiochiamo, was a prototype by Saverio Robberto and Domenico Troia, the authors. Ghenos games acquired the rights of the game and developed Race the Wind. Velagiochiamo does not exist anymore and the only official version of the game exists as Race the Wind.

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