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The Magnificent Race
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Nautical Racing Trains Children's Game Transportation
Roll / Spin and Move Betting/Wagering

Fun game where 2-4 players use various means of travel to win the race. You buy cards to gain advantages in the mini races on certain types of modes of travel. The races are conducted with marbles in a spinning roulette style wheel with only one hole. The marble that lands in the hole wins that race and moves 3 pegs along the race track from NY around the world to NY. Beware of the purple marble though. He is the non player Dastardly Dan and he is in every race and may indeed win the game! This game bears a very vague resemblance to Wacky Races and may have been inspired by the cartoon, though one is not a reprint of the other. Game Parts: Spinner Deck of 24 Advantage Cards 4 Vehicles Player Boards 4 Player Arrows 20 Marbles (5 of each color, yellow, orange, green, blue) 1 "Dastardly" Dan Marble (Purple) Money in $10,000 and $5,000 bills Travel Peg board 5 White Pegs 1 Six Sided Die

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