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2 - 0 players
average 60 minutes
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Fantasy Collectible Components Fighting Miniatures Movies / TV / Radio theme Horror
Dice Rolling Action Point Allowance System Variable Player Powers

Players assemble teams of monsters from across the horror spectrum — including vampires, zombies and werewolves — and then protect the innocent, eat them or both in a delightful, gore-filled romp! HorrorClix uses plot twist cards, a heavy emphasis on scenario play and new character cards to explode the boundaries of CMGs and the patented Clix system. HorrorClix raises the bar for all miniatures games by shifting the game focus from hack-and-slash combat to inventive scenario- and story-based play. Additionally, it uses the combat dial to provide literally hundreds of tailor-made supernatural (and super-gruesome!) powers and abilities. Character cards flesh out each monster with fiction and detailed explanations of each creature’s capabilities, including mechanics never before seen in miniatures games! All miniatures come pre-painted with stat cards, and are available in a starter set, boosters and special collectors sets including H P Lovecraft's Ancient One; The Great Cthulhu! Sets released: Horrorclix: Starter Set Base Set (Booster Expansion) The Lab (Booster Expansion) AVP Aliens Collectors Set AVP Predators Collectors Set AVP Alien Queen Collectors Set Freakshow (Booster Expansion) The Great Cthulhu Collectors Set Nightmares (Booster Expansion) Freddie vs. Jason Collectors Set Hellboy and the BPRD Collectors Set (Not technically a Horrorclix release- more a Heroclix release which can also be used with Horrorclix!) Horrorclix was considered discontinued as of 2010.

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