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Tour of Switzerland
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Travel Educational Trivia
Roll / Spin and Move

Tour of Switzerland with super adventures exciting dice game for 2-6 adventurous travelers from 8 years of age. 12 destinations are drawn before each game to provide a new and interesting route through the whole of Switzerland. On the journey players collect as many granite and gold pieces as possible. Granite is given to the first player to reach the destination by luck of the dice and tactics. Players who then guess or bluff correctly the <Population>, <Height above sea level>, <Canton and geographic position>, <Places of interest and history> or <Family activities> get more granite pieces. If you aim to hight, however, you may lose what you have already won. You can experience super adventures on the way to advance more quickly and get more granite pieces. The player holding the most granite and gold pieces at the end is the winner"

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