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Don Peperoni
3 - 5 players
average 45 minutes
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Bluffing Humor Mafia
Area Control / Area Influence Auction/Bidding Action Point Allowance System Area Movement

Here is a description of the game from Spielbox: Don Peperoni, by Volker Cullman, is a 'fantastic adventures' game. In the sleepy village of Peperoni, all hell has broken loose. The mayoral election will be taking place soon, and multiple leaders of the community are vying for the prestigious position. No wonder that things are a little shady beforehand. Villagers are bribed, spies slink about, pistol-packing mercenaries and judges asked for help (or set onto opponents) - the police barely have the situation under control. And in the midst of all that, sometimes even the cleaning lady can make the competition shy. Don Peperoni is a not-really-meant-seriously bluffing game. June 2006.

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