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Brain Trainer
1 - 2 players
average 0 minutes
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Abstract Strategy
Pattern Building Point to Point Movement

Introduction taking from the rules: Brain Trainer / Reversi is a game of concentration in which the players are able to develop their ability of logical thought and planning independently of each other. The game is a typical family game in which everyone participates with equal enthusiasm. Two persons play at a time. Also, you can play alone, trying to solve the code with as few moves as possible. Underneath the gameboard at the top you will find four sheets of different colours. These sheets are called code boards. The game is supplied with the green side A at the top. Place the pegs corresponding to this patten. Before playing you must turn the green board so that the reverse side B faces up. A pattern now appears with the colours arranged in vertical rows. Try - with the fewest possible moves - to place the pegs so that they coincide with this pattern. Unrelated to Othello.

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