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Kill Doctor Lucky: Craigdarroch
3 - 10 players
average 60 minutes
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Bluffing Murder/Mystery Expansion for Base-game

Everyone knows that the best part of a murder isn't solving it. It's doing it. People have been killing Dr. Lucky for years. And now, you can Kill Doctor Lucky in a whole new place, the Craigdarroch castle in Victoria, BC. Craigdarroch is a huge and wonderful home, filled with unusual hiding places, craven killers, and countless opportunities to whack the old man out. Of course, the doctor is as lucky as ever. This game has been out of print for quite a time, and is highly sought by many Cheapass Games Game connoisseurs. It requires the original Kill Doctor Lucky game to play, as well as some pawns for the players and a piece for Dr. Lucky. Expands: Kill Doctor Lucky

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