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GO mental FUNDAmental
3 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Children's Game Sports Music Educational Trivia Math
Roll / Spin and Move

From the Publisher: "GO mental® FUNDAmental can be played either as a stand-alone game or in conjunction with the classic GO mental® so that younger and older players can play, learn and enjoy together! Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, no one’s left out. And, with the Junior Rules, players even younger than 8 can join in with cards you design especially for them! With GO mental® FUNDAmental the entire family can GO mental® at the same time! Plus, with questions carefully tailored not just towards what kids know or should know but also to what kids care about, with GO mental® FUNDAmental, the interest never flags. It mixes a cunning kaleidoscope of education and entertainment, school stuff and cool stuff, in a constantly changing flurry of facts and fun from math and music to Mary Kate and Ashley; from science and sports to SpongeBob and Spiderman; from geography and history to Star Wars and dinosaurs; from basic biology to Bob the Builder."

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