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Lightning Reaction Extreme
2 - 4 players
average 1 minutes
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Electronic Party Game Action / Dexterity

The game consists of four handles, each equipped with a button. Each player grabs a handle and the game is started. A red light starts to blink and a nasty wailing sound is played. Then, suddenly, the light will turn green and sound goes silent. At that point, players must push the button in their handle. The last player to do that gets an electrical shock. Players will also be shocked if they push the button while the light is still red. Lightning Reaction Extreme also includes an option to switch to "Extreme" mode. In this mode ONLY the fastest button pusher is safe, while the rest are shocked. In the original only the slowest is shocked. Obviously this only makes a difference with 3 or 4 players. With 2, it plays identical to the original. The game uses three AAA batteries, so the shock isn't dangerous but it certainly adds an element of tension to the otherwise rather simple test of reacting speed. Re-implements: Lightning Reaction Lightning Reaction Revenge

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