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2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Roll / Spin and Move

The 15X15 board has squares with slots on each side. The four corners, start areas, are enclosed boxes with two exits each that hold your 4 pawns, one in each corner. The middle nine squares comprise a large box with four entrances. The goal of the game is to get all four of your pawns into the middle box (home). In front of each entrance are fences that are set into the slots. On your turn you may remove one of your fences and place it in any slot on the board. You then roll two dice and move one of your pawns the total or two of your pawns, each the amount of one of the dice. Once a pawn starts moving it may not change direction unless it hits a wall or fence. Upon hitting either the pawn moves at a 90 degree angle from the obstacle. If you land on an opposing piece by exact count you send it back to any of the start boxes. If you roll doubles you may take one piece and jump an adjoining fence instead of a move. To move a piece to home you need it to enter at one of the entrances by exact count.

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