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3 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Roll / Spin and Move Betting/Wagering

AKA 'James Ernest Writes Off Another Trip To VEGAS'. In this game you move around a Monopoly type board. There are three types of spaces on the board, Casino, Draw/Showdown and Penalty. Each player starts with $500, 15 personal counters used for marking sweepstakes and laps and 5 cards dealt from a standard deck of cards. On casino spaces you get to play a casino game to try to win more money. After playing a casino game you can buy sweepstakes tickets in that casino. On penalty spaces you pay a penalty to the casino then you may buy sweepstakes tickets. Sweepstakes tickets are used at the end of the game to try to win each casinos pot. You can stop on draw/showdown spaces when you pass them in lieu of moving your whole dice total. If you chose to draw you draw a card and place it in front of you. It is considered part of your hand. If you choose showdown all players show their hands and the player who holds the best poker hand receives the pot generated by sweepstakes ticket sales. 5 new cards are then dealt to each player. The game ends on the next showdown after all player has gone 4 (3 with 5 or 6 players) laps around the board.

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