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Federation Commander:  Klingon Attack
2 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Science Fiction Wargame Movies / TV / Radio theme Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Simultaneous Action Selection Action Point Allowance System Hex-and-Counter

An expansion to the Federation Commander: Klingon Border with 16 new ships (full color CGI graphics 1" counters, full color laminated ship diagrams) and several new scenarios plus two new map panels with full color planets! Part of the Federation Commander Series. New ship cards include: Juggernaut (monster) Orion Pirate Salvage Ship Orion Pirate Light Raider Tholian Destroyer Free Trader (2 printed on each side) Klingon D5W New Cruiser Klingon D5 War Cruiser Klingon E4 Light Frigate Federation Battlecruiser (BCJ-type w/ 6 torpedoes) Federation Police Cutter Kzinti Medium Cruiser Kzinti Dreadnought Kzinti Heavy Battlecruiser Kzinti Light Cruiser Kzinti War Destroyer Kzinti New Heavy Cruiser 1" counters for all of these (multiple counters for most smaller ships), as well as counters for: Federation CF (Fast Cruiser) Klingon FD7 (Fast Cruiser) Kzinti CF (Fast Cruiser) Kzinti NCC (New Command Cruiser) Home Page:

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