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Eat It!
2 - 6 players
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Party Game Trivia

Here’s a trivia game you can really sink your teeth into! Test your taste buds with fun trivia questions about the foods you love to eat, from Chocolate & Candy to Snacks & Desserts. What kind of animal is Cheetos’ mascot, Chester? How many fudge stripes are there on a Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookie – 3, 5, 6, or 7? When Americans scream for ice cream, what is their favorite topping? The answers – A Cheetah, 5, and Chocolate Syrup! This fun and tasty trivia game redefines the food pyramid, with “Snack Attack”, “Cookies”, “Ice Cream & Desserts”, “Candy” and “Chocolate” categories occupying the spaces. Answer the questions correctly, make your way to the top of the Snacks & Sweets Pyramid, and you’ll be the Snacks & Sweets Trivia Superstar! Game comes with Eat It! Game Board, 1 Box of 400 Eat It! Question & Answer Cards, 1 Set of 35 Eat It! Pyramid Cards, 1 Die, 6 Game Pieces, and Game Instructions. For 2 – 6 Players, Ages 13 and Up.

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