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De Kolonisten van Catan: De Woestijnruiters
3 - 6 players
average 90 minutes
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Negotiation Civilization City Building Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Trading Modular Board

"De Woestijnruiters van Catan" is a separately sold expansion to Catan derived from the scenario "Die Steppenreiter" from "das Buch zum Spielen". In the North-West of Catan the riders lie in ambush. The inhabitants of Catan see this coming, but can do little to avoid it. There is only one way out: flee. Hastily the frightened settlers flee oversees to one of the small islands. Then, the barbarian riders appear and spread over the land, destroying everything in their way. Cities, villages, and landscapes, nothing is safe. Belongs to the Catan Series. Expands Catan

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