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Stratego: The Chronicles of Narnia
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Abstract Strategy Fantasy Bluffing Deduction Movies / TV / Radio theme Novel-based Memory
Variable Player Powers Area Movement Memory Secret Unit Deployment

Enjoy classic Stratego gameplay or use your Special Powers to turn pieces to through the air or go on a Rampage! In this Special Edition of Milton Bradley's classic Stratego game, the White Witch has cast a spell on the mystical land of Narnia. Now her evil army is fighting to keep the world locked in a state of perpetual winter. Will the White Witch succeed with her plan...or will the Pevensie children and the magical lion, Aslan, overcome her powers and rid Narnia of the White Witch forever? The fate of the land is in your hands - as you try to capture your opponent's flag in this ultimate battle of good versus evil. Who will prevail?

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