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Bad Babiez
2 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Card Game Humor
Hand Management Card Drafting

"Mum and daddy are gone, the house is quiet and tidy... for now." "Start a frantic household warfare with other babies. Look for the most useful items in the rooms and make the worse mess possible. Put on your leather jacket, arm yourself with the frying pan and try stirring the pot, go on the skateboard to move faster. Put the stereo at full volume, flood the bathroom and make the babysitter run away. You have to prove to everybody who is the Bad Baby of the house. But be aware that nobody can see you cry or wet the bed... or your reputation will be seriously compromised." A non-collectible card game with 132 cards (including 8 Baby cards, 15 Kitchen cards, 15 Living Room cards, 15 Bedroom cards, 15 Bathroom cards, 36 Action cards, 12 Event cards and 16 Baby Power cards), 4 Room boards, 16 Furniture tokens, and 8 Baby tokens. (Note: The game's manual says 18 Event cards, but this was a misprint.)

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