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2 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Economic Negotiation Political Dice Humor Party Game
Auction/Bidding Dice Rolling Set Collection Stock Holding Trading Roll / Spin and Move

A gay-themed Monopoly variant. From the website ( "Play the ultimate tourist and own a gay monopoly! We're queer, we're here, we're everywhere! The game for today! We're running for office, we're parents, we're business owners. All this, while going to the gym, maxing out our credit cards, singingn too loud while driving our car and using our cell phone! 48 different businesses to visit! Spend money, or make money. Play the ultimate tourist and become the 'Queen of the Universe.' The ultimate in role playing - 6 different characters to play: Ivana Munch, Freeda Knight, Jim Freak, Amanda Bee, Ian D. Middel, Lou Cinda Booty. In order to get 'Out Of The Closet' all you have to do is sing. Over 50 of your all-time ultimate divas in the deck. Your favorite songstresses of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Contents: 2-sided boardgame, 6 cell phone game pieces, 2 rainbow colored dice, 1 sandtimer, 1 plastic tray (holds 600 Queer Cards), 76 Diva Detour cards, 72 Whatever cards, 48 title cards, 48 employee cards, 48 supervisor cards, 48 manager cards."

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