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Snooker Dice
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Dice Rolling

Score the most points by potting (pocketing) reds and colored balls in this simulated game of Snooker. In the spirit of Golf Dice (or Galloping Golf), there are five six-sided dice, each a different color, and must be rolled in a certain order. Like in the game, a RED BALL must first be potted, so the red die is first rolled. If it says "Red Potted", you score a point and may continue on to the black die. "No Pot" means you failed and play goes to the next player. "In Off" gives your opponent four points and control of the dice. If you made it to the black die, you must now pot a COLORED BALL -- one of the six other balls on the "table", each one a different color. Like the red die, it may say "Pot", "No Pot", or "Foul" (same effect as "In Off"). If it says "Pot", you now roll the white die to see which color was potted. The white die has a different colored ball on each side. The color that comes up determines how many points you score, as in Snooker. You now return to the red die to continue the game. When 15 red balls have been potted, it is set aside. The black and white dice are used to pot the six colored balls in order of score. When the final ball (black) is potted, the game is over. A player who has little chance of catching his opponent may try to cause his opponent to foul by "snookering" him. At any time, a player may roll the blue die instead of the red or black die. If it comes up "No Snooker" or "Foul", his opponent takes control (and gets four points for the foul). Otherwise he must roll the green die and see if he can avoid rolling a "Foul".

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