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True or False
2 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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True or False is a game in which the aim is to correctly answer as many true/false statements as possible, so you can go around the game board before everyone else. For every wrong answer you give you have to move closer to the center of the board. If you hit the center and you have to restart the game. On the other hand the track is shorter near the center. For each right answer, you may choose to move outwards as well. The statements are from different time ages: - Before Christ - Year 1 - 1899 - 2000th century - Anytime The time age depends on the current colour your counter stands on. New changed rules, doesn't force you to restart from the beginning after running through 3/4 of the board, but only one step backwards. The Finnish version by Användbart Litet Företag does not have time ages, but rather four different categories - 'It Can Happen', 'Delicious', 'Naturally' and 'This & That' The Norwegian version by Damm / Egmont does not come with a game board, but the players bet money on how sure they are in their beliefs. First player to 1 000 000 wins.

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