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Paradise Cab
3 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game
Dice Rolling Hand Management Pick-up and Deliver

Paradise Cab is an update of the game 'A Short Bus To Paradise' which used a standard deck and was part of 'Chief Herman's Next Big Thing'. The game concerns filling your cabs up with tourists arriving from the a nearby cruise ship. You compete with the other players who also have their own cabs. Points are scored by loading a cab with a single color of passengers and successfulling leaving the loading dock (other players may have an opportunity to steal your passengers before you leave, since you may only leave when your cab is full). However, the number of points scored is determined at the end of the game, when the most rare color of passenger is worth more points than the most common. Your hand consists of cabs which you may play onto the loading dock. The loading dock consists of everyones yet-to-leave cabs and any tourists waiting for a ride (either standing outside, or waiting inside a cab). Whenever passengers are loaded into a cab, at the end of the turn new passengers are added. The same color passengers always stand in a group outside together and may not be broken up later. Passengers may be loaded into a cab if the entire group can fit within the remaining space inside the cab. Additionally, when one is loading a group from the dock of a particular color, one can choose to also steal a group from a waiting unfull cab provided all passengers can fit within your cab. Once a cab is full it immediately leaves. If a group grows larger than 8 (the size of the largest cab) it is discarded (i.e. leaves on a bus).

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