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Warhammer Magic
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Fantasy Miniatures Expansion for Base-game
Card Drafting Variable Player Powers

This would appear to be a more extensive redevelopment of GW's "Warhammer Battle Magic". As with the former version, it adds rules and components for magic in a Warhammer campaign. However, the components list differs from the older release. Contents: Warhammer Magic Rulebook Magic Item Cards: 81 Magic Weapon items 42 Enchanted Magic items 18 Magic Armour items 36 Wizard Arcana items 6 Magic Ward items 30 Magic Standard items Winds of Magic Deck: 36 Winds of Magic cards Spell Decks: 10 High Magic spells 10 Necromatic spells 13 Skaven spells 10 Waaagh spells 10 Dark Magic spells 20 Battle Magic spells 10 Chaos Dwarf spells Templates and Counters: 10 Spell effect templates 12 Warpstone counters

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