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Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Wargame
Dice Rolling Modular Board Variable Player Powers

Whatever else might be said about it, there is no doubt that Terakh is unique. See the definitive pictorial overview of the game and its unusual components here. It's a sci-fi themed war game on an abstract map with dice driven combat and magic cards that modify and affect outcomes. The game designer suggests the game is a hybrid of Risk and Magic: The Gathering, but most players seem to agree that this description is inadequate. Some have suggested that as a light, quick game focused on combat that rewards offense it is closer in spirit to Nexus Ops. Others regard it as a blend of war-game elements (particularly the movement and dice-based combat), mixed with elements of an abstract, mixed with elements of Magic: The Gathering. Home Page:

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