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RoboRally: Grand Prix
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Science Fiction Racing Expansion for Base-game
Simultaneous Action Selection Modular Board

Grand Prix features new challenges for Twonky and his robot companions. Three new board elements combine with favorite elements from previous releases, including ramps, ledges, oil slicks, and portals, for a fast-paced, wild race across the hazardous Widget Factory. The Grand Prix expansion includes three new game boards (Canyon, Pit Row, & Back Stretch) for use with the original RoboRally board game. Each board also comes with a random board printed on the rear that can come from the base game or any prior expansion. Expands: RoboRally Other Expansions: RoboRally: Armed and Dangerous RoboRally: Crash and Burn RoboRally: Radioactive

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