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Mental Floss Game
4 - 6 players
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Party Game Trivia
Roll / Spin and Move

Developed in partnership with mental_floss magazine is a quick and quirky trivia game that you brainiacs will be sure to enjoy. Prod your left brain with sciency stuff, nudge the right side with cultural topics, and do your best to sniff out The Big Fat Lie. All told, there are over 1500 freshly crafted trivia questions in here! Will the Enlightening Rounds propel you forward? Do you throw down that Mental Block card you’re holding to slow down an opponent, or hang onto it to save yourself later? Correct answers will earn a Piece of Mind token, which you may lose if you slip up. Collect six, and win the game. Contains game board, 6 play pieces, 250 Floss Fact cards, 200 Enlightening Round cards, 12 Mental Block cards, 36 Pieces of Mind tokens, die, label sheet, and instructions.

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