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The Sudoku Game
1 - 4 players
average 10 minutes
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Puzzle Number Educational Math
Pattern Building Paper-and-Pencil

Players must complete a partially filled number grid so that each column, row and square includes the numbers 1 to 9 but, only once in each! The Sudoku Game delivers an exciting added dimension - not only can you play by yourself but, up to 4 players can play, solving the same puzzles simultaneously. Each player has their own set of the same 100 puzzles varying in difficulty from “Junior” to “Samurai”. You can also choose from several gameplay variants: “Taimu” (Beat the Clock); “Ichiban” (First to Finish); and “Hinto” (Reveal) where players can choose to obtain clues in exchange for a points deduction. In any variant, a player having completed the puzzle can call “Sudoku!” But players need to be wary of calling “Sudoku!” too soon as an incorrect solution will result in a points penalty. In addition to 4 sets of 100 puzzles, the game incorporates a timer, solutions and 3 sets of clues (revealing corners, top lines and bottom lines, for the “Hinto” game variant).

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