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The Mysteries of Peking
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Deduction Murder/Mystery
Roll / Spin and Move

As one of the best detectives in Chinatown, you'll have to solve one of the mysteries in the casebook and reveal the criminal. To get clues, you must go to the different witnesses and interrogate them. You may move the dragons with the help of fortune cookies and prevent the other detectives from getting there before you. When you discover the culprit, you must go to the dragon he is hiding in. The most important witnesses are the Spy and the Wise Man, so you must reach them as soon as possible in order to get vital information for the case. The Wise Man will tell you which of the witnesses is lying, and the Spy will tell you where the culprit is hiding. But you'll have to visit the rest of the witnesses around the board to get the description of the culprit.. Does he have glasses, a scar, a mustache or a hat? But beware! Some witnesses will have nothing useful to tell you! The game includes 3 decoders in order to decipher clues: a red filter to look at general clues, a mirror to look at the "wise man" clue, and a mask card to check the culprit in the casebook.

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