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Im 7. Himmel
2 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Fantasy

The object of the game is to reach 7th heaven with the correct partner figure. The game board shows the pathway to 7th Heaven divided up into many spaces. Each player takes a partner figure and places it on the start space. The 6 partner cards are shuffled and each player takes one - this card shows which partner you want/need in order to get into the 7th heaven. (Partners are not the fellow players at the table - but the chosen partner card of the same color as the wooden piece). Each player is dealt 12 sympathy cards. These cards are played on your turn and are used to move or exchange a partner figure. There are 3 different types of sympathy cards: the cards with the numbers are used to move the corresponding colord figure on the board; the cards with an arrow moves the corresponding piece forward to the space of another playing piece; finally the cards with the text are played and the actions carried out immediately. Alternatively, each numbered or arrowed sympathy card can be used to exchange partner cards with another player. The game starts with a player playing a numbered Sympathy Card and moving the corresponding piece forward that number of spaces, then drawing a new card. The next player then takes his turn, etc. Play continues in this manner - moving or swapping pieces until a player is able to get to the finish (7th Heaven) while holding the correct colored partner card for his playing piece. If no-one makes it to 7th Heaven, the game ends when the last sympathy card is played. The winner in that case is the player with the correct partner card who is closest to 7th Heaven.

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