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Skyline of the World
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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City Building

Who does not want to live in a beautiful penthouse? New York, Syndney, Shanghai, London, Rotterdam, Frankfurt or one of the other great cities? It is the challenge of the players who participate in this exciting game to strive for the highest position in the skyscrapers that form the ever rising Skyline. Which player succeeds in finishing the first penthouse? On top of the world Build your floors on the right spots and increase your income rapidly. Use the extra money to invest in the necessary floors on higher positions. When you use buildings which have been built by others and build on top of them, you can leverage your income. But do not you?re your opponents the means to build on top of your floors! Anticipate on the actions of the other players by planning ahead and judge what actions they will take in the next rounds. Here you can see the buildings you can complete by making special combinations. Penthouse Invest in new (and higher) floors in time and be careful not to spend all your money when you need capital to build them. The magnificent penthouse will give you a lot of prestige, but no income! Do not invest in a penthouse to soon, but make sure you posses a penthouse at a strategic position before the final round. Keep your eye on your secret assignment to make a great finish in the thrilling final of this game. Be prepared to make a decisive strike at the last round of Skyline and victory could be yours. Tactical and strategic family game This accessible game with relatively simple rules of the game is designed for the whole family, young and old and those who enjoy tactical and strategic games. Luck is a limited factor in the gameplay. When you play SKYLINE it is important to set out a well thought-out strategy and to have the flexibility to adjust tactics when the situation changes. Hold the initiative and control the game! This highly interactive game and the balanced gameplay guarantee that you will enjoy this game very much. Not one strategy has been identified as the winning strategy, until now. The high variance in the game and the influence of decisions of the other players will make it a challenge to play SKYLINE and to win it. Again and again! Expanded by: Skyline of the World Expansion

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