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The Nacho Incident
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game Spies/Secret Agents
Hand Management Simultaneous Action Selection Pick-up and Deliver

From the designer: You're three miles into Alberta, a sack of warm, spicy burritos your only companion. To be caught north of the border would be the end of you. Wait -- what's that noise?? In The Nacho Incident, players are trying to make the most money by smuggling Mexican food into Canada. They must evade the Mounties and choose the most profitable combination of smuggler, food and destination. Smugglers are ranked by number, and each turn all players select one from their hand and reveal them simultaneously. High numbers act first and have greater smuggling options available to them, but also attract the attention of the Mounties. After crossing the border, smugglers set up cantinas to finance further smuggling operations -- but these cantinas will be shut down as the Mounties discover them. After 12 turns of smuggling (about 30-45 minutes), the player with the most money wins!

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