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Abstract Strategy Dice
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Canoe is an abstract board game. In the spirit of backgammon, you move your pieces, which are dice reminiscent of backgammon doubling cubes (but with faces 1, 8, 16, 24, 32, and 40), onto and off of a grid. The board is a very nice mahogany so it makes for a nice coffee table game. From the designer's website: People, in particular those who enjoy backgammon, are thrilled when they discover my new strategy game. Purists want a game that will endure. One with history and style, one that is handmade, affordable, unique, and, yes, with a chance to wager. Canoe™ is a world-class strategy game. Simple to learn, yet difficult to master. I believe you will find Canoe is an excellent companion, whether played at home or while traveling. Ownership of a beautiful game created and made in America is very special in today's world. I take pride in offering you Canoe™.

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