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CSI: Miami
2 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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FEEL THE HEAT OF MIAMI! Behind the sun, surf and palm trees lurks a darker world. You will quickly learn that each suspect is capable of deceit. By rolling the CSI: Miami die you will follow the evidence, identify the killer and reveal the truth. Can you handle the heat? Follow lead criminalist, Horatio Caine, and his team of CSIs to collect three levels of evidence in order to solve each crime. CSI: Miami The Board Game features eight crime stories written in the fascinating, compelling style of the hit series, CSI: Miami. The object of the game is the be the first investigator to submit a correct arrest warrant, proving means, motive and opportunity for one of the three suspects. What's in the box? CSI: MIAMI Game Board 8 Crime Cases 40 CSI: Miami Challenge Cards 22 Suspect and Evidence Cards per Case The CSI: Miami Handbook Arrest Warrant Pad 6 CSI Player Pieces 12- Sided Die Expanded by: CSI: Miami Booster Pack

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