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Gazdálkodj Okosan!
2 - 7 players
average 45 minutes
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Set Collection Trading Roll / Spin and Move

The workmanship of this game of the communist period (1946-1989) is obviously very poor. The big game board is made of heavy cardboard and is in a large envelope. The equipment is in a smaller but solid blue box. The rules say the game is for 2 to 7 players, but apparently the banker is one of them, because there are but 6 tokens. Aim of the game is to save that much that a house can be bought and subsequently furnished with goods like a vacuum cleaner, living room furnishing, kitchen furnishing, radio, washing machine and a sewing machine. The first player to furnish the house and additionally has saved at least 2,000 Ft in saving bonds is the winner. To that end each player get a house-plan in which he has to fill up 6 parts. The house can only be bought at O.T.P. (19), where as the furniture can be bought at space (11). At space (33) one can buy all domestic appliances at Keravill's. Very striking of this "party game" is clearly pedagogic second objective. That does appear from the pedantic phrases of some Chance cards like: Go to the cinema! The movies are instructive and entertaining. Advance to space (17) and pay 10 Ft. Exercise is healthy and entertaining. You should exercise as well. Advance to space (7). Read! Reading is pleasant, useful and cheap entertainment. You have dirtied the street! Pay 10 Ft. The scene is laid in Budapest and vicinity appearing from the fact that a stroll can be taken over the Margit isle (26), go to the Fishermen's Bastion (29), make a trip over the Donau to Visegrád (38) and one may/have to stay 2 turns at Lake Balaton. A few other fields are: a shoe-shop (14), a cinema (17), a tobacco-shop (20), a confectioner's shop (24), a stores (28) and a theater (36). There are 41 spaces in total, of which 6x Szerencsekerék (Wheel of Fortune). There are 46 Wheel of Fortune cards (60x90 mm) but these cards have no illustration. There are 60 savings bonds (58x88 mm) of 1000 Ft and 30 savings bonds of 5,000 Ft. The money consists of 6 neutral banknotes printed in color on white paper: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 - 200 and 1000 Ft. Each player receives 4,000 Ft at the start of the game. On/over Start you receive 4,000.-/2,000 Ft as wages. The price of this set amounted to 52.40 Ft at the time of issue. The title translates as "Budget smartly!"

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