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Runebound: The Terrors of the Tomb
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Adventure Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers

From the Fantasy Flight Games Website: "Since the Dragon Wars, Terrinoth has been a dangerous place. Once-mighty empires have fallen, and now the landscape is dotted with their relics and remains - dark and forsaken crypts, looming burial mounds, and ingeniously-trapped tombs. Great riches may be found there, to be sure, but also great peril... The Terrors of the Tomb expansion pack introduces an assortment of dangerous new monsters, encounters, and events that can be added seamlessly to the Runebound (Second Edition) basic game. There are no new rules to learn; the players can simply shuffle these new cards into their adventure decks and begin playing with them immediately. This expansion includes 30 new adventure cards." Belongs to the Runebound Series. Expands: Runebound (Second Edition)

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