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Party Game
Point to Point Movement

Psychologizer - A people watcher who pays attention to the interests, attitudes and habits of others and who likes to predict what others might say or do in response to typical and not so typical situations. In this game points are awarded for correctly predicting the responses of individuals to situations that are presented on a range subjects covering - love and marriage, philosophy, politics and current events, sports and recreation, mortality and personality. Psychologizer contains one playing board with spinner, one card box containing a total of 600 cards, along with eight sets of eight response cards, eight token persons, and eight graduation caps and tassels. The winner is the player who first accumulates the number of credits necessary to receive a psychologizer degree. The length of the game depends on the particular degree being sought and is merely a matter of preference. In the shortest version of the game, the players strive for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychologizing which requires 150 credits. If players wish to proceed to the next level, they must first stop to graduate before moving on. That is, credits obtained at the end of one degree level cannot be carried over as credits towards the next level. When a player earns 230 credits he or she receives a Master's Degree in Psychologizing. In the longest version of the game, the players strive to accumulate 380 credits to become the first to earn a Doctoral Degree in Psychologizing. Remember, the group of players decides which degree the game will end at.

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