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Battle of Churubusco
1 - 2 players
average 0 minutes
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Print & Play American West Wargame American Civil War Expansion for Base-game
Hex-and-Counter Simulation Chit-Pull System

A nearly complete game published in C3i Magazine No. 16 (2005). The issue contains die-cut counters, map, charts and special rules for the battle. Players must have the basic rules from Gringo! (or download them from the GMT Web site) to play. The game is a minigame based on the Great Battles of the American Civil War game system. The map is 11x17 inches, 15x18 hexes, showing the battlefield at Churubusco, Aug. 20, 1847. There are 136 counters, 75 of which are units and leaders. The rest are markers of various kinds.

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