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Black Cannon
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Pirates Action / Dexterity
Dice Rolling

(From the box) You are a pirate hunting for buried treasure in the dangerous waters of the Caribbean Sea. Your mission is to find three treasure chests and take them back to your home port. But look out! At anytime you can battle with other pirates and sink them with the BLACK CANNON. Whoever loses their treasure must drift back to port on a raft! Dash and daring could bring you riches as you take treasure from other pirates, but caution could be your best policy. Whatever your choice you will soon enjoy blowing the enemy out of the water and capturing their treasure. Contents: Playing Board 1 black cannon 4 cannon balls 14 treasure chests 4 ship stands 2 dice 4 fleets flying different colored flags (each one comprising of: 1-3 masted Galleon, 1 2-masted Frigate, 1 raft)

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