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Alphatian Roulette
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Dice Fighting
Dice Rolling

Aim of the game is to massacre your opponent inflicting him ten (dice) damages! Players swap each turn between attacker and defender. During his turn the first player is “attacking”; his opponent is “defending”. The attack is done as follows: the player rolls the five d6, after which he can re-roll the dice he wants (however, each time he must keep at least one die, so that the attack will be composed at most of five rolls). The goal is to try to damage the opponent, with each “6” being a possible damage. When the attacker has completed his throws, the defender must try to parry: he chooses one of the numbers shown by the dice and throws all the dice that show that number. But beware!: with a single roll now he has to obtain at least one die with a higher number, and he has only one possibility. If he fails, he suffers one damage for each “6” that the attacker has rolled, plus an additional damage. If he succeeds, instead, the attacker suffers as many damages as the difference between the thrown number and the lower among the attack dice. The Roulette is very simple and each game lasts from two to three minutes. Even though, attacker and defender have often strategy doubts. Also a more-than-two player version exists.

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