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1 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Racing
Point to Point Movement Partnerships

From the publisher's website: TAC - the unique combination of board game and card game - it can be called without exaggeration a small revolution in the field of tactical games. Despite simple rules each game quickly develops into an exciting challenge. The goal of two players or two teams is to be the first to bring their own balls home. But that is easier said than done, because only strong team play and forethoughted, flexible tactics pave the way to success. Perceive the plans of the opposing team and cancel them. But caution is required: it can happen that you must lose ground, although you do not want to. Finally, heavenly creatures interfere during play. A powerful warrior may step on the board and rearrange the balance of power. An angel may appear to rescue someone from great emergency - but whom? TAC is suitable both for fast, fun games and for tense, strategic, but friendly games. Each game develops differently from the last and guarantees timeless fun. See 6-TAC Very similar to the traditional game Dog, Super Tock 4, Super Tock 6, Tock 6, Super Tock 8

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