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Cogno: Deep Worlds
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Science Fiction Space Exploration Trivia
Action Point Allowance System

From the website: Alien Game Pieces: Choose any one of your eight alien friends all equipped with dive gear so they can brave the ancient alien ocean. Big, Mystifying Game Board: DiveZones, a swirling whirlpool and an underwater trench…there's no game board like it on this planet. Chaos Cards: "Chaos Card" science questions are way cooler than trivia questions and all the content is reviewed by scientists at NASA and the SETI Institute. The Trench: Leave the main board and enter this strange and wonderful place where anything can happen. You never know who may be lurking around. Strategy: Move forward or backward whenever you choose to help yourself or slow down other players! And use your greatest weapon wisely (the "Time Machine Token"). Fuel Cells and Gear: With luck and some good thinking, you can win Fuel Cells and high-tech Gear to help your alien survive the DiveZones and make it back to the Beach first.

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