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The New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Exploration Fantasy Adventure
Dice Rolling Role Playing Cooperative Play

This game is in a way an introduction to role playing but is played as a board game. In fact, there were 3 expansions released for it. Dungeons & Dragons: The Dragon's Den, Dungeons & Dragons: The Haunted Tower, Dungeons & Dragons: The Goblin's Lair. This game walks the line between RPG and board game but I think it really does fall on the board game side of the fence. The new D&D Basic revised edition that guides the RPG rookies through the first 5 levels of experience. It features pull-out cards detailing basic monsters and dragons, a dungeon map and cardboard stand-ups to play in a boardgame way and a simple dungeon adventure for inexperienced players and Dungeon Masters. 64 page rulebook, Dragon Card learning pack DM Screen, 48 stand-ups, dice and maps. TSR 1070 Dungeons & Dragons Starter Sets: 2nd Edition: The New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons and Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition/3.5 Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game 4th Edition: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

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