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The Game of Crown and Anchor
2 - 12 players
average 10 minutes
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Ancient Dice
Dice Rolling Betting/Wagering

Crown and Anchor is a pure betting game involving 3 dice with symbols on them: Heart, Club, Diamond, Spade, Crown and Anchor. (The Flemmish version called "Anker en Zon" had a 'Sun' symbol instead of the 'Crown'.) The player places bets on a cloth or board with the same six symbols as featured on the dice. Payout corresponds to the number of dice showing one or more of the symbols the player bet on. Payout is 1:1 for a single, 2:1 on a double and 3:1 on a triple. Apparently, the odds are in favor of the banker by around 8%. Evolved into the casino game Chuck-A-Luck. This game is similar to the Chinese game Hoo Hey How.

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