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Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow
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Science Fiction Miniatures
Simultaneous Action Selection

Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow is a fast paced, cinematic miniature battles game set in an original science fiction universe, with revolutionary simultaneous play and story based missions. Players need very few miniatures to begin play, in fact a starter set contains all you need. Monthly releases will expand this superbly detailed range increasing game play possibilities and growing the Rezolution universe. Each Starter Sets includes one of four different factions with all you need to start playing, including metal miniatures, data cards, quick start rules, specialty dice, CD-ROM containing printable full color 3D terrain, counters and templates. Add to your collection with miniature blisters packs and box sets, containing metal miniatures and data cards. The 200 page core rulebook includes full rules, complete army lists, background for all factions including special characters, scenarios, painting/terrain guide and fiction. Expanded by: Rezolution: Outbreak

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