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Prussia's Glory II
1 - 2 players
average 90 minutes
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Wargame Age of Reason

GMT's grand tactical, light-moderate Seven Years War battle series continues with four more battles in Prussia's Glory II. Players can enact some of the war's most famous battles in games playable in a single sitting. PG II hones the original PG system with some slight changes, and introduces Optional rules that further break out combat arms differences, such as Austrian Croat Sniper Attacks, Howitzer fire, and advanced Cavalry facets. The game also expands on the PG visual feast of Prussian, Austrian, French, Empire, Saxon, and Russian icon units with the Hanoverian-Allied army, featuring new heavy dragoon cavalry, and a striking red-dominant color scheme. Each battle includes one or more variants to allow players to explore historical possibilities involving larger/smaller forces present, or Alternate History battles that reverse attacker/defender roles on the same fields. 4 battles are included : Prague: Last Day of the World The Golden Sun of Kolin Krefeld: Ferdinand Ascendant Inferno: Kunersdorf The new optional rules provide a richer mix of tactical chrome, while the selected actions serve to round out GMT's coverage of the war's most famous battles. PG I and II may also serve as a tactical complement to GMT's upcoming Clash of Monarchs, a card-driven, strategic treatment of the Seven Years War in Europe. Complexity 4.5; solitaire suitability 8. Components 792 5/8" full-color die-cut counters. Two 22"x34" full-color back-printed mapsheets 18 page Rulebook 14 page Scenario/Playbook 2 11x17" Player Aid Cards 2 6-sided dice

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