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The Burning Blue
average 300 minutes
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Wargame Aviation / Flight World War II
Dice Rolling Hex-and-Counter

(from GMT games website:) Beginning with the fighting above the Channel convoys and ending with the assault on London and the fighter-bomber offensive, The Burning Blue simulates battles between German air power and the British air defence system. It recreates the tense minute-by-minute 'plotting board' battles between RAF fighter controllers and the Luftwaffe air raids.[...] Based on original archive research and with the help of pilot veterans of the Battle of Britain, The Burning Blue models this famous conflict in unprecedented detail. Playable and exciting, the game provides new insights into this turning point of World War Two. COMPONENTS : 684 full-color die-cut counters One 22"x34" full-color mapsheet [730 Kb] 40-page Rule Book 48-page Scenario Book 2 11x17 Hostile Raid Displays 1 11x17 Royal Air Force Squadron Tote Board 2 Player Aid Cards Logsheet Booklet 2 6-sided dice DESIGNER Lee Brimmicombe-Wood ART DIRECTOR/PACKAGE DESIGN Rodger B. MacGowan MAP ART Lee Brimmicombe-Wood COUNTER ART Lee Brimmicombe-Wood Burning Blue uses a system similar to the one used in Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972

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