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Dragon Pass
2 - 3 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Wargame

Remake of Chaosium's White Bear & Red Moon. Also published by Oriflam as La Guerre des Héros in 1993 (in French) and as ドラゴンパス Dragon Pass in Japanese by Hobby Japan. The role-playing World of Glorantha was created as a semi-public-domain project by Greg Stafford around 1966 as a mental exercise. Eventually, Greg published a wargame based on his world called White Bear and Red Moon. In fact, Chaosium was founded to allow Stafford to publish this boardgame! This game later became the excellent Dragon Pass game. White Bear and Red Moon was enough of a hit to spawn a second war game, Nomad Gods, and, more importantly, inspired some D&D fans to write a gaming system that would allow role-playing in Glorantha. Thus was RuneQuest born. Re-implements: White Bear & Red Moon

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