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Stad - Land - Rivier
2 - 6 players
average 15 minutes
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Word Game Trivia
Dice Rolling Paper-and-Pencil

"Ever-changing, fast-thinking town-country-river game using the flower-shaped dice randomizer. Flower shape is rolled between two hands, placed flat on the table; players race to write down words using the right letters." Every player has to write down what comes to mind with each of the six categories combined with the first letter from the dice randomizer. Six categories are placed on the board (for example: town, country, river, car, beverage, food, TV-star, singer, etc.) and the dice randomizer is placed. Now everyone has to write down a TV-star, country etc. with the first letter that's attached to it. Points are given for every right answer, unless someone else has given the same answer.

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