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Head-to-Head Poker
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Card Game Bluffing
Dice Rolling Hand Management Set Collection Betting/Wagering

This 2-player game gives a good, fun introduction to Poker without stress about betting or bluffing. The rules give 5 variations of play, such as simply drawing one card and playing it, or drawing two, choosing one to play on your side and giving your opponent the other and so on. A die is rolled to determine how each hand will be played. The game is played in 3 rounds, and 3-5 cards are turned up at the start of each round and get $200 in chips placed on them. Players take turns to lay up to 4 more cards on their side, to make the best 5 card hand they can. In this way, the original face-up card on each row is shared by the players, and you can easily see what you need to play to beat your opponent's hand. When the rows are complete, the winning hand on each row takes the chips in the middle. After playing the simple version, players can then use the betting rules, which let them raise the betting on the center cards. This makes the game more tense and more fun as the stakes are raised. Can you play the right card to beat your opponent and win $100s? The game components are: a game board, a small card deck, plastic chips, and a d6. From the publisher's description: Head-to-Head Poker Game Parker Brothers and Hasbro Games. Build the best hand in this poker duel! Six different games in one! Experience hand-to-hand combat- poker style! You and your opponent duel it out as you play cards on your respective sides of the board, sharing the common cards between you. But watch out! Each game has its own surprises and you could end up empty-handed. Build the strongest combinations on the board and take the chips to win! 2 adult players.

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