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Fairy Meat: Sugar and Vice
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Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game

Sugar and Vice is the second supplement for Fairy Meat, Kenzer & Co.'s acclaimed 1:1 miniature game of cannibal fairy combat. Sugar & Vice introduces two new breeds of Wee Folk: the decadent Moon-Fairies and the vulgar Pixies! Lunar descendants of the old Fae royalty, the Moon-Fairies share a common ancestry with the Glitters of Earth. Unlike their earthly cousins, they've progressed (or perhaps degenerated) into a glamorous Rock & Roll-loving fairy kingdom. All goes well until they decide to check up on the Earth they left behind so long ago, only to find their former subjects have become murderous, barbaric, and frighteningly powerful. To cope with the power Fairy Meat gives the insubordinate "natives", the meat-intolerant Moons have developed a magical lip gloss known as Pink. Pink allows them to kiss dead fairies rather than eat them, vampirically soaking up the corpse's powerful fairy essences. This addictive cosmetic gives them a much-needed edge on the battlefield, but it carries a terrible price; with the deadly risk of Overkiss, every kiss might be your last... Sugar and Vice includes: Rules and background for musical Moon-Fairy bands, Pixie mercenaries & gangs, and reality-warping Glamour Chunks! More weapons, Twinkle spells, wands , and (yes) magic items! Tasty new full-color counters! Sugar & Vice provides more equipment, troops, spells and game options to all Fairy Meat players, expanding the game while keeping gameplay as swift and bloody as you've come to expect. Expands: Fairy Meat

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