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X-Men: Under Siege
2 - 4 players
average 120 minutes
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Science Fiction Dice Fighting Miniatures Comic Book / Strip
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers Cooperative Play

A host of Evil Mutants has taken over the X-Mansion! Now an alert has been sent to all X-Men: return to the mansion and try to regain control! Choose which pair of X-Men - each with an extra ability - will form your team. Then deploy them to the six different levels of the Mansion. Now the strategy begins. Do you send your team to different floors so they can cover more ground or do they go together and back each other up? Do you join the fight already in progress or do you try to secure another area? If one of your team members is wounded, do you let him recover to full strength or do you risk it in the hopes of eliminating one more Mutant? Score a point for each room you explore, for each blood chip you get, for each Mutant you capture! After every room on every floor has been explored, the player with the most points wins!

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